No, I'm just on my own
And I, it's a little cold outside
Don't think I'll escape
Why would I escape you
Don't think I'll replace
How could I replace you
And don't be so hard on yourself
You won't get better til you get worse
Yeah you send a little smile my way

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Gypsy said...

You're toast and jam
And you're cotton candy
You're double rainbows
Beside a setting sun
You're wood burnin' outside
There's a fire glowin'
You're sweet as green apples
You must be the one

You bring me
To the heart of a golden man
You bring me
To the natural truth
You take me
To a solid hollow
And keep me sailing
This ocean of youth
That's why...

So take me
To an altar of diamonds
And run with me
Through sheets of jungle rain
Show me all your mystery
And let me heal your beautiful pain
Be my island
In crowds of faces
My oasis
Be there
Lead me
To the holy water
Introduce me
To the place you are from
Wherever you go
You know I will follow
So take me there
And I will come

You're sweet as green apples
You must be the one