my better 3/4

i am happy with today without thinking aboot tomorrow. naivete never seemed such a nice sweater to be clothed in. just for the moment i will know what is happening to me. i will like the sound of your voice on the phone and get lost in it. i will feel the water on my body in the tub only for that moment. i will take deep breaths of fresh air to quickly and choke on the humidity before the storm. the pieces of the moon you hide beneath your pillow intrigue me. i want to see them, i want to know what makes you such a soft place to land. i trust you with my life and i have no idea why i would hold such faith in a human but do. i remember the moment i knew i could give you more of me than i often give myself. i see more in me now than then and while it is still a struggle i am feeling like i am on my way. you make today better than yesterday and you make now more important than ever. it makes me feel like a future is not a silly thing to dream of no matter what it could hold. i feel a little less freaked out.

i think i am ready to bust a move.... now we are rocking steady.

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Gypsy said...

me and you and your capital H. you are the pizza of my eye. <3

thats a lot of MCS refrences :)